TASHVAULT Gallery is a 100% digital showcase of contemporary abstract art produced by socially & environmentally conscious artists located around the world.

We have created a new way to explore and experience outstanding art.

Photo Credit: Allan DiBiase (Dinsmore Pond - Sandwich, NH)

Photo Credit: Allan DiBiase (Dinsmore Pond - Sandwich, NH)

We offer 24/7 accessibility combined with a comprehensive profile of our artists - who they are and what they have accomplished - which allows viewers to understand their intent.

Artwork is shown with intention and care so that viewing it broadens horizons and brings pleasure.

TASHVAULT only selects artists who are - like us - deeply committed to social and eco justice.

Our mission is to promote civil discourse through the visual arts.

We believe that art exists for the good of the community and that its subtle value over time outweighs all else.